Company introduction

       "Geo-jade Petroleum Corporation"  was renamed from the original company ‘Hainan Zhenghe Group’. The Company was founded in Aug 1984, which was one of the first pilot enterprises in Hainan Province to launch public offering of stocks. The Company's stock (600759.SH) started to be traded on the Shanghai StockExchange on October 8, 1996.

        Company's main business has been transited from real estate, lease service and trading into oil and gas exploration and development. Based on China’s current oil supply and demand status and national strategy of encourages for various enterprises to implement "Go Global" strategy, as well as national policy and guidelines of encourages for various capital to invest into oil and gas exploration and development areas, the Company’s business development direction will concentrate in oil exploration and development, meanwhile actively invest in oil and gas logistics and downstream businesses, based on the development vision of "international independent oil and gas company originated from China ", the company promote "encourage team spirit, reward excellent performance, attract top talent, and control risk factors" as enterprise’s culture and core values, the Company strive to create sustainable value for shareholders, Employees and communities.

        Geo-jade Petroleum Corporation is foraying into Oil & Gas industry, throughout overseas acquisitions of oil and gas assets the Company conducted a strategic transition, which has strengthen the company's capacity for sustainable development. The Company always adhere to the two-wheel drive  of "adding value to  current project + acquiring new project"  and the development strategy of "dual focus of both oil and gas" , the Company has proactively seized the historic opportunities to acquire oil and gas asset in the low oil price period, throughout the usage of domestic and foreign capital/fund, excellent oil and gas resources in foreign countries, good resource management, as well as the integration of local advantage in means of production and marketing, the company has achieved multiple times of increase of reserves, production scale and profit.

       Currently in Kazakhstan the Company holds with 100% equity in both Maten oil company and Kozhan  company, production in 2016 is expected to exceed 700,000 tons of crude oil.

       On 6th July 2016, the Company disclosed’ the related-party transaction plan to issue stock shares and raise matching funds (revised draft)’, which was the plan to acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Long Zhou Xin Ke throughout issuing stock shares, and indirectly control 100% equity of Banksy company as well as radicals AO investment.

        Since the establishment, the company has always operated fully in compliance with business laws, as well as honestly and trustworthy. The Company has won the best practice in the Belt & Road award on "2014 China cross-border investment Golden Whistle Award" , the economic cooperation achievement award issued by "Silk Road Fund for Peace" , and been awarded  the "2016 top 100 enterprises in Hainan Province award issued by "Federation of Hainan enterprises" 

        In the future, Geo-jade will firmly implement the development strategy of two-wheel-drive and dual focus of both oil and gas, while constantly expanding the international oil and gas exploration and production business, the Company will also actively invest in oil and gas pipeline transportation, warehousing and logistics, international sales network as well as oil and gas downstream processing businesses, gradually form a complete oil and gas upstream and downstream industry chain. Giving full play to the network system along "the Belt & Road" and the company's strength in researching, the Company will optimize the asset tendering and rationally allocate those in different countries and regions, and further advance in acquisition to grasp the opportunity to realize the leap-forward development for the Company.

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