Geo-jade Petroleum is a fast-growing oil and gas exploration and development enterprise, founded by China’s successful entrepreneurs and professionals, who are ambitious to be devoted to the oil & gas industry. The company has started in oil & gas investment since 2010 and by its good financial strength, strong R&D capacity and extensive business network, it is now independently operating 6 exploration blocks and 3 development blocks, with a total acreage of nearly 30,000 square kilometers and an annual oil output m...
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Dear friends,

        Welcome to visit the website of Geo-Jade Petroleum Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as “Geo-Jade Petroleum” or “Company”).

        Geo-jade is rapidly developing oil and gas listed company with international Oil & Gas exploration and development as its primary business, and is committed to investing in oil and gas downstream, logistics and sales businesses, the company is determined to become an "International Independent Oil and Gas Company that Originated in China.".

        Talent is the most important resource of the company. Inspired by the company's development vision, a large number of talents have been brought together who are dedicated in the development of the company business; they have a wealth of expertise and practical experience in petroleum exploration and exploitation, refinery operation management, international business management, financing and investment, as well as other areas of. With great enthusiasm and full of fighting spirit, the company's management team and all staff have overcome difficulties and challenges which succeeded in achieving a company's business transformation, and have laid a good foundation for the company to develop in petroleum exploration and development, as well as downstream industry investment areas. We are convinced that Geo-jade will become an ideal platform for talents to fulfill their ambitions; this platform will eventually achieve a high level of integration and unity in "Social Values, Corporate Values and Personal Values”.

        Company now has 100% interests in three oil-producing oilfields in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and successfully signed the ‘Strategic Cooperation Agreement’ with the world's leading oil industry’s private equity fund FIRST RESERVE, which has taken the shape of the Company’s global structure. Looking forward, the company will continue to enhance its advantage in all aspects of talents, capital, and business channels, also continue in seeking acquisitions opportunities, independent exploration and development, optimizing the allocation of exploration and development assets, timely and actively investing in oil and gas downstream, as well as logistics industry investment, and pursuing in the excellence of financial performance, which will finally achieve the sustainable development in high quality.

        As a responsible listed company, we truly believe that shareholders’ interest is a significant factor for Company’s development. Company will, same as always, attaches great importance to and takes an earnest attitude towards advices from shareholders regarding Company’s operation and development, aiming at a stable growth in performance and also a continuous reward to shareholders.

        Simultaneously, we also truly believe that the full support from and close cooperation with all sorts of business partners play an indispensable role in Company’s business development. We will continue to strengthen our good relationships with research institutions, oilfield service companies, financial institutions and oil trading companies, and also strive to achieve a win-win situation.      

        Company whose great success comes from the society’s tremendous supports shall also repay the society. Therefore, Company is committed to continuously supply energy and create wealth for the society. Furthermore, Company will be actively involved in public welfare undertakings, and fulfill its due social responsibilities.      

        Geo-Jade Petroleum is committed to persist in its grand ambition and unite all its st...


Company has a high-quality management team which has solid professional skills, rich corporate management experiences, and highly efficient executive ability with regard to petroleum and investment. In general, the senior management personnel and middle level staffs come from Three Majors in China. Developed through years of hard trainings in variable industries, all of them are top talents with rich experiences in investment and management of petroleum projects. Whatever the nature of the project may be, that is, either the cooperation project of domestic blocks or domestic low-permeability oilfield development project, or international cooperation project, it can be managed properly by Companys talent team.

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