Geo-Jade Petroleum’s corporate culture embodies its core value, thinking pattern and behavior model. It comes from the systematic idea and long-term practice regarding corporate’s effective operation summarized by Company’s management team and employees, and gradually comes into being along with Company’s rapid growth.
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At present, Company holds many an exploration block and development block. Company is an A-share listed company in China, with a market value of more than RMB 14 Billion.

Due to its careful planning and dynamic configuration of the portfolio, the portfolio owned by Company is very healthy and enters into a trajectory of sound development, with astrong profitability in short term and a huge potential in long term.

         Strictly in accordance with the requirements of "Company Law", "Securities Law", “Rules Governing the Listing of Stocks on Shanghai Stock Exchange” and other laws and regulations, Company shall perfect the corporate governance structure, establish and perfect the internal management and control system, and improve Corporate’s standard operation level. The Status Quo of Company governance conforms to the requirements of the related laws and regulations regarding the corporate governance. The establishment and perfection of the internal management and control system plays a positive role in supervision, control and guidance of Corporate’s operation and management, and also provides a strong support to the normalization of Corporate’s operation and management, and thescientization of decision-making. 

        Company shall continue to perfect the corporate governance structure, and also establish a sound decision-making and personnel mechanism to adapt to the demands of modern enterprise system.  With an emphasis on strengthening the construction of the BOD, Corporate shall make the best use of independent dir

        In accordance with the international Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) standards, and with reference to the international popular QHSE Management System, Company establishes a set of systematic and procedural HSE system which is used as the basic principle for corporate management, and also the significant means to fast promote its management level, comprehensively improve its operation efficiency, and greatly optimize its resource allocation.    

        HSE concept is deemed as a significant part of corporate culture. The good HSE culture and awareness is the foundation and support for Company to become an international petroleum company.     

        Company actively promotes the international advanced operation concept, adheres to the "continuous improvement" principle, and pursues its self-management and self-discipline. Company establishes a sound relationship with government agencies, social organizations and the public, carries out close cooperation with them upon HSE issues, and also contributes to create a good ecological

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